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Phanda refers to knots that are in the shape of Millets. Phanda is considered to be a more intricate version. Here, there are knots created. However these knots are much smaller and far more delicate. . It’s mostly used in making the centre of the flowers in simple Chikankari design motifs. It is a knot type of a millet shaped stitch. The Indian dishes have coriander powder as an ingredient. In the days of yore, all the spices used for cooking were ground in the houses itself, so was coriander seed. It is said that while grinding coriander seeds in an "ahandasta " (a metal pot with a metal grinder) a few fell on the cloth. On seeing the natural layered construction of the seeds an idea struck the mind of a chikan worker watching it. She developed that stitch and wound it in a way to give it a shape of a coriander seed (Dhania). It is also called Phanda for as the name denotes a knot in the literal translation.